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Tallest carved stone in Scotland

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This outstanding monolith is the tallest carved standing stone in Scotland and one of the most richly-carved examples in the UK.

This enormous carved stone is thought to have been put here by the Picts, and likely show scenes of a battle between them and Norse invaders.

It was discovered buried in the ground in the 18th century, and given the name ‘Sueno’s Stone’

At six metres (20 feet), it is now encased in a glass structure to protect it from the elements. It stands at the east end of the town, and is easily accessed from the main road through the town centre just before it joins the A96. Follow the old Findhorn Road which leads to a quiet residential area.

Intricate carvings completely cover both sides and edges of the stone.

One side has a huge ring-headed cross, and this is decorated with carvings of knotwork, the other side is like a tapestry, split into four panels showing the progress of a battle from top to bottom.

It shows cavalry, foot soldiers, and the beheading of the enemy. Experts have dated the carvings to around the 9th/10th centuries.

There are at least three theories as to which conflict this carving depicts, and details of all are on panels at the site. A visit is a must, not just to learn more, but to be awed by the sheer size of this gigantic storytelling stone.

Cycle path to Findhorn

It is here where the cycle path leaves Forres. A wide path for cyclists and pedestrians leads to Findhorn and onto the Moray Coast Trail. It passes through Kinloss.

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