This lovely coastal village is perched on a narrow point of land with a local nature reserve to the west and a world-renowned beach to the north. To the south is the famous Findhorn Foundation and Kinloss Barracks and former RAF Kinloss.

Just five miles from Forres, the drive along the eastern edge of the bay is impressive, particularly when the tide is out. There is a bird hide and car park for those that like to spot birds, remember this is a nature reserve and is populated by a wide variety of birds including geese and ospreys.

The latter can also seen fishing near to the piers. And this is a magnificent sight, watching the bird of prey hover while it scans the water for fish and them plummets from high to catch its next meal and fly back to the nest.

Across the bay, Culbin Forest can be seen. This is accessed by a trail path from Wellside or a water taxi from Findhorn.

The village is nestled between the natural beauty of the bay and the dunes which stretch for miles along the coast in both directions. It’s quiet and peaceful, despite being popular with locals and visitors.

The wide, open nature of the area, means it is never overcrowded, and as well as being a destination for holidaymakers, it is also a favourite for locals getting away from the relative hustle and bustle of Forres.

What to see and do

Places to eat and drink

  • Royal Findhorn Yacht Club
  • Torta by Katalin (boutique patisserie and coffee shop)
  • Captain’s Table/Captain’s Parlour/Captain’s Haddock
  • Crown and Anchor
  • Kimberley Inn
  • Bakehouse

The village is famous for its beach, tidal bay and eco-village. It has a population of around 1000 with a convenience store, cafes, bakery, pubs and a watersports centre.

Out and about in the village