Wild camping

Wild camping is fun and you can find some really nice remote spots to pitch your tent. In Scotland, people have the ‘right to roam’ which means you can have freedom to enjoy land and inland water, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to do whatever you want. Make sure you understand what ‘right to roam’ means, and familiarise yourself with the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

It’s not for everyone, you’re leaving behind your home comforts and trading them for sleeping in the countryside with animals, insects and dark nights. Remember to take everything you need, especially if you’re walking a long way from the shops.

Nice days can turn into a rainy deluge so make sure you have rainwear just in case.

Some remote places have no mobile phone signal, but why not treat that as a bonus and really go off-grid!

If you’re going into the hills or mountains, let someone know when you expect to be back. If you don’t return at the designated time, emergency services can be alerted.

Please remember the Scottish Outdoor Access Code exists to help others like you and landowners.

  • Space yourself out from other people and be careful that you don’t leave any traces of where you’ve been.
  • Try not to light an open fire, particularly during dry periods. Take a stove.
  • Take your litter home with you, even stuff that is biodegradable.

Be sure you’re allowed to camp in your chosen spot. The Right to Roam is generous, but you should still respect other people’s property.