Millbuies Country Park

16.6 miles from Forres

Millbuies is a trout fishery and country estate easily accessible by road, and providing a pleasant place to walk and fish as well as a habitat for wildlife. A giant...


miles from Forres

Torridon is a village in the west Highlands that also gives its name to the loch and the area. It's a small village typical of those on the west coast,...

Loch Ness

30 miles from Forres

Loch Ness is famous the world over. In fact, it is probably more famous than Scotland itself. People come from all over the world in the hope of a chance...


miles from Forres

Crovie (pronounced croovy) is one of three coastal villages tucked so tightly into this part of the coast, that you're advised to leave your car at the top of the...


56 miles from Forres

This seaside harbour village is larger than it's neighbours Crovie and Pennan, but in many ways, it is more condensed than both. The sloping, winding road road down into the...

Bow Fiddle Rock

30 miles from Forres

Bow Fiddle Rock is one of the Moray Coast's most outstanding natural features. A superb natural arch that has taken on an iconic shape, turning a small island into one...

New Aberdour Beach

New Aberdour Beach

62 miles from Forres

Slightly north of the village of New Aberdour, the road sign pointing to New Aberdour Beach is easily missed. You'll regret leaving this off your itinerary. Although the track is...

Winding Walks

Winding Walks, Fochabers

22 miles from Forres

The Winding Walks, as you might expect from the name, are a maze of paths on wooded forestry land just outside Fochabers. Suitable for walking and mountain biking, these trails...

Altyre Estate

Altyre Estate

3.9 miles from Forres

The Altyre Estate has been the family home of the Cummings clan for 800 years. It is a privately owned family-run historic estate a short drive, walk or cycle (4...

Randolph’s Leap

Randolph's Leap

6.7 miles from Forres

Randolph's Leap is a walk along the River Findhorn, named after a specific point where the gorge narrows. It is said that at this point Thomas Randolph , who later...