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MTB trails and walks through ancient Gordon gardens

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The Winding Walks, as you might expect from the name, are a maze of paths on wooded forestry land just outside Fochabers.

Suitable for walking and mountain biking, these trails are managed by Forestry and Land Scotland with clear, colour-coded trails.

This part of Moray forms the 19th century gardens of the Duke and Duchess of Gordon. They are open pinewoods with picturesque views and natural features.

You may come across a secluded loch or a stone pyramid. You might even spot a rare capercaillie in one of the few places left in Scotland where these beautiful, elusive birds still exist.


All the walks from here are graded as moderate

  • Peeps View Trail – 1.5 miles
  • Small Burn Loop 1.5 miles
  • Secret Loch Way – 1.75 miles
  • Monument Trail – 3 miles (See Whiteash Hill)

Moray Monster mountain bike trails

Winding Walks and nearby Ordiequish are home to the Moray Monster MTB trails with graded routes for beginners and experienced riders.

So whether you are new to mountain biking or an expert rider, these trails offer superb challenges.

Winding Walks is the starting point for the Moray Monster Mountain Bike Trails with blue, red and orange graded skills area, pump track, and red and orange graded trails.

Skills area

  • Blue – 545m flowing downhill track with tight corners
  • Red – A shorter 330m trail with technical features (drop-offs and rock gardens)
  • Orange – A tight 225m trail for highly skilled riders who are comfortable being airborne
  • Pump track – A loop track with bumps to help you keep moving without pedalling.

MTB trails

  • The Fochabers Ring (Red/difficult) – a full-on 5-mile cross-country trail. Ride uphill to the Duchess of Richmond monument, savour the view, then enjoy the descent
  • The Fochabers Freeride – (Orange/extreme) – From the monument, advanced, experienced riders can choose a ‘shortcut’ down a big, technical section with drops and jumps, which rejoins the The Fochabers Ring to descend to the car park

New to mountain biking or an expert rider? The Moray Monster trails offer superb mountain bike challenges for immediate to advanced level riders.

Link to Ordiequish

The trails at Winding Walks are linked to nearby trails at Ordiequish, through a tunnel under the A96.

Here you’ll find three blue-graded routes suitable for everyone but the very younest riders.

Ordiequish trails

All the Ordiequish trails are graded blue (moderate) and suitable for beginners (except very young). These trails all link to each other, so can be mixed and matched for variety.

  • The Soup Dragon (4.1km or 2.5 miles) – A family friendly route that can be enjoyed by all. There is a climb to start but rewarding. Keep going if you want to add on Dragons tail.
  • The Haggis (8.8km or 5.5 miles) – A good ride full of interest and lots of fun and finish back at the soup Dragon.
  • Gordzilla (5.3km or 5.3km) – A good flowing route, also linked to the Haggis.

These well maintained trails are clearly marked and designed to be ridden one way only. Always wear a helmet and gloves, and consider elbow and knee pads for the harder trails.

Remember that these are mountain bike trails, and as such even the easy routes have ‘features’. If you’re looking for easy, flat, smooth(-ish) ride, you may be better off at Culbin, Lossie or Roseisle.

Familiarise yourself with the MTB trail grades before riding.

Getting to Winding Walks

Fochabers is about 12 miles east of Elgin. To get to Winding Walks by car or bus (or bike), take the A96 through Fochabers. As you leave Fochabers (or pass it on the bypass) you’ll come to a roundabout. Take the A98 towards Buckie and travel half a mile. The woodland car park is well signposted.

Getting to Ordiequish

You’ll need to go into Fochabers village, along the high street. Turn off by the chip shop and continue along East Street. Stay on the Ordiequish road for about half a mile till you get to the car park .

Stagecoach service 10 will accommodate bikes and runs hourly along A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen. Get off at Fochabers. Just ask the driver.

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Parking on-site or nearby Children welcome Cyclists welcome Walkers welcome

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