View over Cullen

33 miles from Forres

Cullen at the far eastern edge of Moray marks the end of the Moray Coast Trail, or the beginning if you walk east to west, but the scenic beauty of...

Findhorn Bay

Findhorn Bay Local Nature Reserve

4.8 miles from Forres

Findhorn Bay is a wide sandy estuary which is of national importance for birds with significant numbers of migrant wildfowl and waders. It is also a beautiful location and natural...

Findhorn Beach


5.7 miles from Forres

Findhorn Beach Home > Explore > Moray > Findhorn Beach Now that's what you call a flat white Stretching from the narrow outlet of Findhorn Bay, Findhorn Beach is a long, uninterrupted stretch of fine...


7.5 miles from Forres

This beautiful beach seamlessly connects Findhorn and Burghead. It's a beautiful, wide strip of smooth sand with a dune bank. It's punctuated with concrete blocks that were put here in...


The harbour is full of pleasure craft

10 miles from Forres

Nairn is a lively Highland town within easy reach of Forres. Just take the main road west towards Inverness and it lies on the A96 about 10 miles away. It's...


13.2 miles from Forres

Hopeman is a small village between Burghead and Lossiemouth. Once a bustling harbour, it is now used mainly by yachts. The village has a main street with shops, which leads...


17.2 miles from Forres

The view from Prospect Terrace of Lossiemouth's west beach stretching for miles, curving away into the distance is a beautiful site. This Jewel of Moray is formerly a busy fishing...



13.7 miles from Forres

Covesea is a wonderful place encapsulating everything that makes the area such a beautiful place to visit. It's a small village, but it has lent its name to iconic landmarks...