Beach huts add colourful touch to harbour village

Hopeman is a small village between Burghead and Lossiemouth. Once a bustling harbour, it is now used mainly by yachts.

The village has a main street with shops, which leads down to the harbour. There is parking and a large caravan and camping park overlooking the west beach. At the eastern end of the village is a golf club. The harbour separates two beaches and the west beach is more rocky.

Moray Coast

Hopeman is on the Moray Coast Trail and one of its most unique features is a row of beach huts.

Nearby, along the coastal trail are coves and caves. Some of these are accessible and popular, but some are harder to get to due to the cliffs. With easy walking distance is Cove Bay (sometimes called Clashach Cove or Primrose Bay). An easy walk from the Hopeman to Lossie road with some parking at the beginning of the track to Clashach Quarry. Follow the path towards the coast and walk down the slope to the little cove.

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Parking on-site or nearby Disabled-friendly Walkers welcome

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