The end of the trail... or the beginning of another?

Cullen at the far eastern edge of Moray marks the end of the Moray Coast Trail, or the beginning if you walk east to west, but the scenic beauty of this coastline extends all the way to Fraserburgh. In fact this route runs parallel to the North-east 250 from Spey Bay to Cullen, so don’t feel you have to stop and turn back.

The town is a nice place to stop for a while. It features a very picturesque beach with giant rocks (three Kings) extruding out of the sand. The natural topography creates a sheltered dip and a viaduct splits the town to keep the former railway above the houses and joins back with level ground at the eastern side.

This pocket in the coast shelters Cullen from winds to a degree, but never forget it faces the north Sea, so shelter is a ‘subjective’ condition.

The high street is spacious with a square and mercat cross. There is an abundance of antiques, curios and second-hand shops here, it’s almost a theme.

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