Elderflower – A Walk on the Wild Side

Today we start a mini video series which highlights one of the area’s favourite attractions, its natural habitat.

As a largely rural and agricultural area, we are surrounded by woodlands and meadows which are not only essential for the the sustainability of the natural world, they’re also very nice places to be.

Our series, called A Walk on the Wild Side looks at one specific woodland and meadow in Forres, between Chapelton and Sanquhar where a local charity have ‘grasped the nettle’ and are undertaking work to ‘restore the woodlands, support local food sustainability and aid the mental and physical well-being of the community’.

We’ve teamed up with the Forres Friends of Woods and Fields to bring a series of videos looking more closely at individual plants that are found in the fields and woods of Chapelton and Sanquhar.

We hope it inspires to you to go outside and learn more about the natural world that can be found in nearby fields.

Making elderflower cordial

In episode one, trustees Lin Batten and Mick Drury exclaim the wonders of the elder, often considered a weed by many, and Lin shows how to make elderflower cordial from the abundant flowers that grow on this tree.

But there’s more to the elder. Watch the video to find out.

If you want to be notified when each episode goes live, be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell. And enjoy.

We are looking for local groups, organisations and businesses to film different topics. Please get in touch if you would like to collaborate with us.

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