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Lochindorb is a freshwater loch just off the road between Forres and Grantown. It is unusual for having a castle on an island in the loch.

Aerial view of the castle. Pic: Marc Hindley

The island is thought to have been man-made and is completely occupied by the now-ruined structure. The wall remains in place and it is possible to swim or paddle to the island. In fact, there are well-worn tracks inside the perimeter where people have done just that, and these can be seen in our aerial shot.

The name Lochindord is derived from the Gaelic Loch nan Doirb, meaning loch of the minnows. Does it have minnows? We don’t know. But it is popular with fishermen and birdwatchers. Here you can spot black-throated divers and Graylag geese among others.

It is accessible by a single-track road connecting the A939 and B9007. Look out for the signpost whichever road you take. If you’re coming from Forres, it’s just after the Dava Schoolhouse.

There is no car park as such, but a variety of spaces in which there is space to park. It is a popular place for campers to stop and you may find it difficult to park at busy times. Please don’t park in passing places.

The castle is the former home of the Clan Comyn and Alexander Stewart the Wolf of Badenoch. King Edward I stayed in it during his 1303 campaign against the Scots.

Aerial view of the castle layout. Pic: Marc Hindley

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