Bye bye Milky Way, hello Aurora Borealis

As autumn moves into winter, we see rapid changes in trees and plants particularly, but there’s also a change in the night sky. As autumn moves to winter, there’s more chance of seeing the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), and less chance of seeing the Milky Way.

We’re very aware of seasonal changes on the ground, but perhaps less so in the night sky.

Milky Way season is March to October, while aurora season is August to April, so there’s a crossover point when you get the best of both worlds, a magnificent aurora and a stonking view of the Milky Way. Saturday 30 October was one of those days.

The Milky Way from Califer Viewpoint – dark skies
The Milky Way from Califer Viewpoint. Pic: Marc Hindley (30.10.21)
aurora borealis – dark skies of Moray
The full arc of the aurora borealis from Califer Viewpoint. Pic: Marc Hindley (30.10.21)

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