Aurora Borealis puts on an amazing show

The dark skies of the Moray Coast treated us to a magnificent display of the aurora borealis on night of 13 March, with the rippling and swirling curves normally associated with higher latitudes. And easily visible with the naked eye.

Bye bye Milky Way, hello Aurora Borealis

As autumn moves into winter, we see rapid changes in trees and plants particularly, but there’s also a change in the night sky. As autumn moves to winter, there’s more chance of seeing the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), and less chance of seeing the Milky Way. We’re very aware of seasonal changes on the ground, … Read more

Dark skies reveal hidden beauty

The word was that this would be an aurora to remember. Even mainstream news sites were getting excited about the potential for the Northern Lights to be seen all over the UK on 30 October. I wasn’t the only one out at 8pm waiting for the big show. It was a long wait… I’ve seen … Read more