Ben Rinnes

Ben Rinnes is Moray’s highest peak, with a summit of 2733ft (841 metres). It offers outstanding views of the surrounding countryside.

It is a popular spot for walking, mountain biking and running. Although visible for miles around, it has few remarkable features unless you actually climb it.

Walking towards the peak of Ben Rinnes
Walking towards the peak of Ben Rinnes. Picture: Susan Hindley

The trail is a steady ascent of 541 metres from the main marked car park, and steepens near the summit.

It’s a hill walk, so no rambling or climbing is required. Near the summit, the path turns into rocky steps, however, it hairpins back and forth to ease the gradient.

The walk is hugely rewarding with fine views across the county, particularly towards the east and north-east. Remember to take adequate clothing and footwear.

At the summit is a distinctive rocky outcrop and a trig point, there’s plenty of room to sit and take in the views or have a picnic, but remember it can get very windy!

In summer, you should allow three to fours hours for the 4.75-mile (7.5km) distance there and back.

The car park accommodates around six cars, but as this is a popular place to go for locals and tourists, you may find this full at times, and cars will park along the edge of the road when it is overflowing.

  • Distance: 7.5km / 4.75 miles
  • Time: 3 – 4 hours (summer)
  • Ascent: 541m
  • OS grid ref: NJ284359
  • W3W: cascaded.thinker.threaded (summit); closes.superbly.shoving (main car park)
  • Distance from Forres 24.7 miles (45 mins (Directions on Google Maps)

Ben Rinnes on a mountain bike

The track is wide and well-suited for riding with a mountain bike. If you descend from the summit, the initial stage is rough and rocky, but is eases off into a wider gravel track where you can pick up some speed.

Here’s a ‘helmet-cam’ view of the descent from trig point to car park

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