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Technically, this vilage is called Charleston of Aberlour, but shortened to Aberlour. It was named by Charles Grant of Elchies in 1812 after his son, also Charles.

The village dates back further. It can be seen on a map of 1654 as Abirlaur.

But it was Charles Grant who provided land for 100 plots along the Spey which formed the high street.

A pub in Aberlour named after (and shaped like!) a mash tun.

By the early 19th century it was already a key location for whisky production and the 1823 Excise Act it became more formalised.

The Aberlour Distillery on the southern edge of the village was built in 1879 on the Lour burn by James Fleming who went on to fund many local facilities, such as the Fleming Hall, the Fleming Cottage Hospital and the pedestrian bridge over the Spey.

If you walk the path alongside Aberlour Distillery you will come to Linn Falls, a superb natural waterfall.

Aberlour is right on the Spey, so provides a perfect location for relaxation, or exercise, either sitting and watching the world go by, or by walking and cycling along the river bank or The Speyside Way.

Walkers welcome!

As with every town and village in the area, Aberlour is an attractive destination for walkers. But it’s also been the welcome home of Walkers the brand for many decades, who provide employment and economic support to the area.

Walkers Shortbread is synonymous with Scotland and known the world over.

As in many local villages there remains evidence of a railway line serving Aberlour. The tracks are gone, but a station building now houses the Speyside Way Visitor Centre.

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