Wedding Celebrant and Minister

Getting married in historic, romantic and beautiful Scotland? To marry in Scotland gives you more choice for the style, content and location of your ceremony than anywhere else in the UK and many places overseas.

We can offer you complete flexibility for your choice of ceremony content. We can hold your wedding how you’d like, and where you’d like. We don’t sit down with you and let you know what you can have, we sit down with you and ask you what you’d like and do our utmost to accommodate your wants and wishes.

We offer you freedom and choice to include only those elements in your ceremony that are personal and meaningful to you – whether religious, spiritual, mixed faith, inclusive, humanist or non-religious, the main thing is that you get to choose. This applies whether you opt to have your ceremony be legally binding or not (you only need to have the one ceremony held by us in Scotland for it to be legally recognized – the law is different in other parts of the UK and overseas).