Dunphail is a rural community south of Forres. It is home to a number of businesses and organisations, and features extensive leisure opportunities through walks, cycle routes, organised acivities, accommodation providers, retail and forestry operations.

The Dava Way cuts through Dunphail and there was once a station here. This has long gone, but the stationmaster’s house remains.

The estate stretches south from the station to nearly the source of the River Divie.

Dunphail Castle, which was in existence in the 1300s, sits on a natural mound along a private road to Dunphail House.

The castle was attacked by Randolph, the Earl of Moray in the 14th century and lies as a ruin almost hidden entirely by undergrowth.

The nearby Dunphail House is a magnificent Venetian-style mansion built in 1829 on the banks of the River Divie.