Blairs Loch

This beautiful loch, just outside Forres, is a haven for wildlife and a relaxing place to visit.

Recent work by volunteers has made it more accessible and there is ongoing work to turn it into an educational centre.

It is situated on the Altyre Estate and the loch covers an area of around 11 hectares. It has a boathouse, which is currently being restored. There are woodland walks around the loch as well as picnic benches and hides for birdwatchers.

The Friends of Blairs Loch is a group of volunteers working to create a special place for recreation and education.

Since 2017 it has been working to reintroduce trout fishing, extending the footpath network around the loch and refurbishing the boathouse as a field study facility for local schools and groups.

Directions: Travel south on the A940 road towards Grantown. About three miles from Forres, turn left down an unmarked road into Altyre Estate. You’ll go past a stone building which is the Altyre Estate Office, take the next track on the left and park near the gate, You’ll see the bright red painted building down a short track and there are walks that start from here.