Santa’s 2021 tour of the Forres area

Santa with Rotarians and one the fire crew before their tour of Kinloss.

Santa started his tour of the Forres area at Kinloss tonight (Monday 13 December). And the big man in red has given us his routes and we’ve reproduced them for you below. He is being escorted around the town by The Rotary Club of Forres, who will be collecting donations on their rounds.

Please note the maps are our interprtetation of the routes given to us, please check with the Rotary Club to make sure you don’t miss Santa, and listen out for the sleigh bells

Monday 20 December

Orchard Rd, Kings Way, Strathcona Rd, Castle St, Burdshaugh Rd, Sanquhar Rd, Woodside Drive Loop, Loch view, Sanquhar Rd, Nelson Rd, St Leonard’s Rd, St Leonard’s Drive, St Leonard’s Rd, Adam Dr loop, Brewster Drive, Out to St Leonard’s Rd, Finish Garrow Brothers

Tuesday 21 December

Bogton Rd, Leading along to Croft Rd, Small Cul de Sac, Croft Rd, Springfield Rd, Drumduan Rd, Drumduan Gardens loop, Forbeshill, White Rd, Argentier Rd, Birkenhillock loop Rd, Earlsland Cres, Forbeshill, Highfield Loop, Out and finish at Carrisbrooke

Santa’s Sleigh is supported and sponsored by: Forres Rotary | Forres Community Fire Station | Keith Builders Merchants Ltd | Sellars Agriculture | Signed Graphics | Wrights Home Hardware | Mackenzie & Cruickshank | Stitch it & Fix it | DMK Garden Machinery

All of the above have kindly donated services materials or equipment to support the new sleigh modified to fit in a Plant Trailer and operate effectively in the Sleigh week.