Philp’s Fine Food

Hi! I’m Rachel Philp, a chef & caterer born and bred in the Lincolnshire Fens. I am proud of my roots and will always have an affinity with the Fens, but when I hit the big “40” I developed a yearning to relocate to the Moray coast. It had been a lifelong dream of mine … Read more

HerbCraft FoodCraft

My name is Eveline Rodenburg. I’m originally Dutch and I live since five years in the Findhorn community in the North East of Scotland. My passion is to teach people how to work with herbs and to keep this traditional body of knowledge alive. In my workshops we make herbal remedies, cook from scratch, preserve … Read more

Aunt Marie’s Kitchen

We produce quality home made confectionary including various flavours of Scottish tablet, fudge, coconut ice and more.