Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community that offers retreats, workshops and a place to live and work for people who live a eco-friendly lifestyle.

In their own words, it is a ‘dynamic experiment where everyday life is guided by the inner voice of spirit, where we work in co-creation with the intelligence of nature and take inspired action towards our vision of a better world. We share our learning and way of life in experiential workshops, conferences and events that take place within a thriving community and ecovillage.

The organisation has two centres near Forres, The Park at Findhorn and Cluny Hill in Forres.

The park sprawls over a large area between Kinloss aerodrome, and the naturally occurring dunes of Findhorn beach.

Cluny Hill is a large Victorian building, formerly a hydropathic hotel popular in the early 20th century.

The Foundation is at the heart of a community of more than 500 people who support the ‘vision of creating a better world by starting with themselves’.

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